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This harpsichord is the real deal. Instruments described as ‘Taskin 1769s’ have been gracing international concert halls since at least 1882, but this is the French original, produced over a century before. It’s the most copied harpsichord ever and the most famous harpsichord in the world. All because of its rich, resonant sound.Because of its splendid sound and the elegance of its decoration, this instrument is probably now the most copied and most famous harpsichord in the world. Pascal Taskin was the court harpsichord builder to both Louis XV and Louis XVI, and was the best-known French instrument maker of his day. Taskin studied instrument making with Blanchet and subsequently married his widow to take control of the business. The registration is typical of French instruments having 2 x 8’, 1 x 4’ choirs with a buff batten for both 8’s. (Raymond Russell Collection).