Since Ioannes Couchet made this harpsichord in the 17th century it has been altered so much it can no longer be played. Its various owners, keen to retain a ‘Ruckers’ instrument through changing times, added and removed notes, made repairs and repainted the case. The harpsichord is now too fragile to be anything more than a work of art and a historical object.Couchet was a nephew of Ioannes Ruckers and took over his workshop in 1643. This instrument underwent a similar ravalement in the 18th century to the two other single manual Ruckers instruments, although it was returned to its original size c 1955. The green and gold case decoration is not original, and the non-symmetry of its design indicates the alterations were made to its casework when it was returned to its original state. Part of the Raymond Russell Collection.