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Pascal Taskin, harpsichord maker to Louis XVI, made substantial changes to this 18th-century instrument to both improve the harpsichord and make it appear a hundred years older. Taskin redecorated the case, changed the interior mechanisms, added knee levers and darkened the soundboard beneath the strings. His masterstroke was to transform the maker’s initials from IG to IC, representing Ioannes Couchet, a member of the world famous Ruckers family.This harpsichord was long believed to be by Ioannes Couchet, primarily because of its ‘IC’ rose. This was discovered to be a forgery when the instrument was loaned to the Collection by Mrs Gilbert Russell, although the attribution to Goermans was not made until later when a study of the decorative style was made by Sheridan Germann. Taskin’s rebuilding of the instrument included the addition of knee levers to assist registration whilst playing, and a peau de buffle or set of jacks with soft leather plectra available on the lower manual and making a softer piano-like tone. Bought from Mrs Gilbert Russell in 1974 with assistance from the Friends of St Cecilia’s Hall.