Ioannes Ruckers didn’t make a mistake when he failed to align the two keyboards on this harpsichord. At the time the two sets of keys were never expected to be played together. When fashion and music tastes changed, owners upgraded their instruments so they could play two keyboards at the same time. This is the only known example of a 17th-century double-keyboard harpsichord that has survived with its original, unaligned keyboards.This is a very important instrument in that it is the only surviving example of an unaltered transposing double-manual harpsichord which retains its keyboards,and therefore is important for the study of the history of keyboard instruments. It originally had four sets of jacks and two sets of strings, with the lower manual a fourth lower in pitch than the upper. Because the instrument retains many original features which would be lost in restoration, it will be conserved in its present state. The outer decoration is not original, nor is the rose which appears to be an Italian replacement. (Raymond Russell Collection).