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Interviews of Davie Graham aged 87

Detailed autobiographical interview with 87 year old Davie Graham. When Davie was a small child his father was made undermanager at Gateside Colliery and an early memory is of playing with his pedal ...

Interviews conducted by Vivian Hastie

Vivian Hastie conducted 1 interview made with 1 interviewee, carried out in 2015.

Interviews of Allan Hannah

Due to the poor sound quality of this recording it was not possible to assess the content. The following summary was made by the Lochmaben District Community Initiative. Alan was born in Lochmaben ...

Interviews of Roy Thorburn aged 78

Biographical interview with Roy Thorburn (b. 1935, Lochmaben). Roy talks about his childhood and early life in Lochmaben. He recalls the first two cars in the town: one was owned Dr Campbell and the...

Interviews of Hal McGhie aged 80

Biographical interview with Hal McGhie (b. 1932) who was born in Lochmaben and has spent most of his life there. Hal begins by speaking about his early life and family history. He was one of 10 chil...

Interviews of Ian Tweedie

Biographical interview with Ian Tweedie (b c.1939, Townhead, Lochmaben) about his life in Lochmaben. Ian describes his childhood playing around the Mill Loch and recalls the soldiers who were based a...

Interviews of Beth Corrie aged 17

Biographical interview with Beth Corrie (aged 17) from Lochmaben. In this short interview, Beth talks about community life in Lochmaben and her time at the local primary school and at secondary schoo...

Interviews of Hazel Sloan

Short biographical interview with Hazel Sloan who was born in Twynholm and has lived in Lochmaben for the past 50 years. In this interview Hazel talks about how the town has changed over the time she...

Interviews of Andre McCrae

Biographical interview with Andre McCrae, who came to live in Lochmaben from Manchester when he was 8 years old. Andre talks about the differences between Manchester and Lochmaben, particularly: lang...