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Musical Instruments Museums Edinburgh (MIMEd)

TitleMusical Instruments Museums Edinburgh (MIMEd)
DescriptionMusical Instrument Museums Edinburgh ranks among the world's most important collections of musical heritage. All the main types of musical sound-making device are represented, and are presented to the public in two museums, St Cecilia’s Hall Museum of Instruments and the Reid Concert Hall Museum of Instruments. The c 4000 objects in the permanent collection constitute a rich research resource of both breadth and depth, and include many historically typical models of musical instrument spanning over five hundred years, together with prized rare and unique items. The instruments are supplemented by an archive of original materials, working papers and a sound archive. The Collection as a whole attracts researchers from far and wide and is an extensively cited resource in international scholarship. The Reid Concert Hall maintains Scotland's leading general museum of musical instruments. On display are nearly 1000 items including stringed, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments from Britain, Europe and beyond. The scope of the collection covers all instruments and related items except early keyboard instruments and plucked string instruments, which are housed in the St Cecelia’s Hall Museum of Instruments. The Collection originated in the period 1845-65 when the University's Reid Professor of Music, John Donaldson (1789-1865), established a museum and bought old and unusual instruments, and some not so old at the time, but which are now museum pieces. As well as founding the Collection, Donaldson built a fine hall as his music classroom with adjoining museum gallery, opened in 1859. The hall is now the Reid Concert Hall and the museum gallery is still the home of the University's historic musical instrument collection. This is believed to be the earliest surviving purpose-built musical museum in the world. The University’s holdings of historic musical instruments were significantly expanded with the acquisition of the Raymond Russell Collection (1964, opened at St Cecilia’s Hall in 1968), the Galpin Society and Geoffrey Rendall collections (1980), and many subsequent additions. The Collection was established by the Reid Professor of Music from 1845-1865, John Donaldson. In 1969 the Galpin Society Permanent Collection was established in conjunction with the University. In this period the University’s non-keyboard historic instruments (at the Reid Concert Hall) were managed by the Galpin Society. In 1980 an agreement was reached whereby the title to the instruments owned by the Galpin Society and to the Rendall Collection was transferred to the University, and both museums were operated by the University albeit with different curation. Important acquisitions have been made since 1980 with the help of the National Fund for Acquisitions (formerly the Government's Local Museums Purchase Fund), the Heritage Lottery Fund, the National Art-Collections Fund, the National Heritage Memorial Fund, the Pilgrim Trust, the University's General Council Trust, the Hope Scott Trust and other benefactors.
CustodianProfessor John Donaldson (1789-1865); Hereward Irenius Brackenbury (1869-1938); M. Anne O. Macaulay (1924-1998); Sir Nicholas J. Shackleton (1937-2006); Dr J. Rodger Mirrey (1919-2007); Captain Raymond A. Russell (1922-1964); Geoffrey Rendall (1890-1952); Wilfrid Appleby (1892–1987); James Blades (1901-1999); Dr Peter Cooke (1930-); Robert Glen (1835-1911); Colonel Thomas Bradney Shaw-Hellier (1837-1910); Lyndesay G. Langwill (1897-1983); E. Roy Mickleburgh (1914-1984); Professor Arnold Myers (1944-); Dr Andrew Shivas (1922-1996).
Custodial HistoryFrom 1845 to 1969, items purchased or accepted as gifts by the Professor of Music; from 1969 to 1980, items accepted as gifts or loans by the Galpin Society; since 1980, items purchased or accepted as gifts or loans by the Honorary Curator (later Director) of EUCHMI on behalf of the University of Edinburgh. Many loaned items subsequently purchased by or gifted to the University.
Parent Collection MIMEd; University of Edinburgh Collections;
Sub Collections C.H. Brackenbury Memorial Collection; The Anne Macaulay Collection of Musical Instruments; Rodger Mirrey Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments; The Geoffrey Rendall Collection of Woodwind Instruments; Raymond Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments; Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection; The Wilfrid Appleby Collection; The James Blades Collection; The Galpin Society Collection; The Glen and Ross Collections; The Lyndesay Langwill Collection; The Roy Mickleburgh Collection; The Shaw-Hellier Collection.; Instruments of Regional Cultures Worldwide in MIMEd; Plucked and Hammered String Instruments in MIMEd; Bowed String Instruments in MIMEd; Flutes and whistles in MIMEd; Double-reed instruments in MIMEd; Single-Reed Woodwind Instruments in MIMEd; Bagpipes in MIMEd; Horns and Bugles in MIMEd; Cornets and Tubas in MIMEd; Trumpets and Trombones in MIMEd; Free-reed instruments in MIMEd; Percussion Instruments in MIMEd; Keyboard instruments in MIMEd;