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Horns and Bugles in MIMEd

TitleHorns and Bugles in MIMEd
DescriptionThis division of the Collection includes the french horns, cornophones, Wagner tubas, bugles, cornetts, serpents, ophicleides and related instruments. In total there are over 200 instruments plus a similar number of mouthpieces. The french horns in the Edinburgh University Collection represent two centuries of development. They cover the period when makers became skilled enough to create a tube of length and taper with a series of playable notes spanning the range of the male voice, through to the time when this range became fully chromatic and homogeneous through mechanical improvements. The Collection includes several instruments with important provenance. These include the cornett (3189) and the serpent by Baudouin (3606) which were used by Christopher Monk (1921-1991) both as his playing instruments and as models for the instruments he made.
CustodianProfessor John Donaldson (1789-1865); Robert Glen (1835-1911); E.R. Mickleburgh (1914-1984); Sir Samuel Hellier (1737-1784); Colonel Thomas Bradney Shaw-Hellier (1837-1910); Professor Arnold Myers (1944-); University of Edinburgh.
Custodial HistoryMany items were purchased in the 1850s by the then Reid Professor of Music, John Donaldson; items from the Glen Collection were purchased in 1983; items from the Brackenbury Collection were allocated by the Government in 1991; (2492) and (2493) French horns (Winkings, c 1740) were purchased in 1985; (203) Orchestral hand horn, master crooks and couplers (Sandbach, London, c 1810-1830) were gifted in 2002; of the set of four Wagner Tubas, ex- Sir Thomas Beecham (Alexander), two were donated in 1986 and two were purchased in 1988. The Shackleton Collection was received by bequest in 2006. Further items on loan.
Parent Collection MIMEd