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Instruments of Regional Cultures Worldwide in MIMEd

TitleInstruments of Regional Cultures Worldwide in MIMEd
DescriptionThis division of the Collection covers instruments from non-Western cultures, totalling around three hundred and thirty objects. Although not fully representative of musical instruments from regional cultures, it contains relatively old (early 19th-century) items, and a fair sample of the types of instruments used worldwide. Important items include a mrdangam, a tabla and a baya, all from India, which are mid 19th century or earlier.
CustodianRobert Glen (1835-1911); Peter Cooke; Professor John Donaldson (1789-1865)
Custodial HistoryThe core of this division of the Collection was acquired by purchase, by the Reid Professor of Music in the 1850s. Some of the accounts survive. Items from the Glen Collection were purchased in 1983. Further items on loan.
OriginAfrica; Asia; China; India
Parent Collection MIMEd