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John Smith of Dalry Fossil Collection

TitleJohn Smith of Dalry Fossil Collection
DescriptionThis Collection consists of sixty one fossils from Ayrshire (mainly carboniferous, Old Red Sandstone), collected by John Smith of Dalry between 1866 and 1920. Born in 1845, John Smith grew-up and lived his whole life in Ayrshire. He had no formal training in Geology or Palaeontology, but made significant contributions to both, and was awarded the Murchison Fund by the Geological Society of London in 1930 in recognition of his services. He is most well-known for his book ‘Prehistoric Man in Ayrshire’ published in 1895, but also published articles on the flora, fauna and geology of Ayrshire. During his life he amassed a large collection of fossils, most of which he gifted to the Geological Survey of Scotland shortly before his death. He died in 1930 in Killwinning.
CustodianJohn Smith of Dalry
OriginAyrshire; Europe; Scotland; United Kingdom
Parent Collection Geology Collection

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