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Caddell Mineralogical Equipment Collection

TitleCaddell Mineralogical Equipment Collection
DescriptionThis collection consists of 19th century equipment used for the identification of most common minerals, either in the laboratory or in the field. Contained in two wooden boxes, it includes callipers, measuring spoons, litmus paper, vials, hammers, various blades and other instruments. The equipment was bought by Henry Caddell (1860-1934) during a visit to Clausthal in Germany in 1882. Henry Moubray Caddell was the great, great-grandson of the pioneering industrialist, William Caddell. Henry studied science at the University of Edinburgh from 1880-1882 followed by mining at the Clausthal Royal School of Mines in Germany from 1882-1883. He returned to Scotland in 1883 to join the Geological Survey under Archibald Geikie. He spent 5 years mapping the North-West Highlands which culminated in a Royal Society of Edinburgh paper on his experiments in mountain building. He travelled worldwide and wrote nearly 100 geological and geographical papers by the time of his death in 1934.
CustodianHenry Caddell (1860-1934)
OriginBraunschweig Clausthal-Zellerfeld; Edinburgh; Europe; Germany; Lower Saxony; Scotland; United Kingdom
Parent Collection Geology Collection

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