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Classics Collection

TitleClassics Collection
DescriptionThe Classics Department is home to a teaching collection of Greek and Roman pottery, a gallery of casts, and a large collection of photographic slides which are used to illustrate its teaching in Classical Art and Archaeology. Although it has not been possible to trace the donor or original provenance of the collection, the complete state of the vases suggests that they come from a funerary context. The collection represents a wide variety of both chronological and geographical range: from prehistoric Egypt, Cyprus and Mycenaean Greece to Early Archaic, Classical Greece and the Roman era. Especially interesting are the Cypriot examples of White Slip Ware, Proto-White Painted and Cypriot-Geometric vases. They offer a good sample of different fabrics and shapes from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. The same can be claimed for the Corinthian aryballoi, which together with the Black Figure lekythoi illustrate the variety of techniques employed to decorate funerary offerings at Athens and Corinth. The Cast Collection comprises three-dimensional examples of famous statues, reliefs, and portraits dated from the Archaic and Classical periods to the Hellenistic and Roman periods. The sculpture in the Cast Gallery offers students the opportunity to follow important developments in Classical Art. An online catalogue of the collections can be found at
CustodianProfessor Baldwin Brown
Custodial Historyunknown
OriginAfrica; Cyprus; Edinburgh; Egypt; Europe; Greece; Italy; Scotland; United Kingdom
Parent Collection University of Edinburgh Collections
Sub CollectionsCast Collection; Classics Pottery Collection; Classics Slide Collection;

Image: Cast of Head of Kouros, from the Ptoan sanctuary, Boiotia.