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Double-reed instruments in MIMEd

TitleDouble-reed instruments in MIMEd
DescriptionThis division of the collection includes shawms, oboes and bassoons of Western cultural origin, numbering over one hundred and twenty instruments in total. The relatively small number of oboes in the Edinburgh University Collection reflects the fact that the instrument, until fairly recently, has always been considered as the province of the professional player. The instruments in the collection are, therefore, generally of a remarkably high standard of craftsmanship and it would seem that the vast majority of them were intended for professional use. These oboes represent a fair cross section of the instruments in use in Britain from the beginning of the 18th century until almost the present day. Most of them are of French design and French or Belgian built, but there are a few British-made instruments - most notably the two Stanesby oboes and the instruments made by Morton. There are also a small number of German instruments. The collection also contains a number oboe-type instruments, many of them appreciably smaller than the modern oboe including various shawms, musettes and pastoral oboes built in France during the 19th century. The bassoons in the Edinburgh University Collection constitute a fair cross-section of the bassoons used in Britain in the period 1800-1950 with a small sample of instruments from other European countries. Reflecting the actual population of bassoons made and sold, the greater part of those in the Collection were probably intended for the amateur player and for the bandsman. The core of this division of the Collection comes from the Rendall Collection, with many further items from the Glen Collection, the Brackenbury Collection, the Mickleburgh Collection, the Langwill Collection, and the Shackleton Collection. Highlights of the collection include two Stanesby oboes from circa 1700 and 1730; two French oboes from circa 1700-1710 and other instruments as listed.
CustodianGeoffrey Rendall (1890-1953); Robert Glen (1835-1911); H.I. Brackenbury (1869-1938); E.R. Mickleburgh (1914-1984); Lyndesay G. Langwill (1897-1983); Sir Nicholas Shackleton (1937-2006).
Custodial HistorySome items were gifted by the Galpin Society in 1980; items from the Langwill Collection were donated in 1981; items from the Glen Collection were purchased in 1983; items from the Brackenbury Collection were allocated by the Government in 1991; items from the Mickleburgh Collection were purchased in 1981; The early contrabassoon by Czermak was purchased in 1987 and the Shackleton Collection was received by bequest in 2006. Further items on loan.
Parent Collection MIMEd