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John Levy Archive

TitleJohn Levy Archive
DescriptionJohn Levy (1910-1976) was an independent scholar with wide cultural interests. The John Levy Archive, which came to the School of Scottish Studies following his death, features religious, court and indigenous music from a number of cultures. Levy was responsible for introducing many of these musical traditions to the west through his broadcasting and publishing activities. Some of the musical styles and genres that he recorded have disappeared or been radically transformed. Levy’s field recordings were made between 1958 and 1972 in India (223 reels), Sri Lanka (55), Bhutan (48), Taiwan (101), China (81), South Korea (34), Iceland (35) and the UK (107). They are augmented by fieldwork photographs and related material along with Levy’s personal collection of 400 commercial discs including some he produced himself.
CustodianJohn Levy (1910-1976)
Custodial HistoryThe John Levy Archive came to the School of Scottish Studies as a bequest, following John Levy's death in 1976.
OriginAsia; Europe; Iceland; United Kingdom
Parent Collection The School of Scottish Studies Archives

Image: Photograph of John Levy