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Anatomy Archive

TitleAnatomy Archive
DescriptionThe Comparative Anatomy Collection at Edinburgh University benefits greatly from an existing and extensive associated archive which contains most, if not all, of its original registers, catalogues, curator notes and some donor correspondence. In addition to the Accession Registers (or Day Books) which begin in 1886 and provide a day to day record of the museum’s acquisitions, these additional resources include card index catalogues of the Anatomy Museum and its Skull Room Annexe, a Marine Mammals catalogue published in 1912, a manuscript catalogue of the Workroom Drawers (compiled in 1909), a typescript ‘Skull Catalogue’ (compiled by the 1940s), and a ‘case by case’ manuscript catalogue of the museum prepared by Mr Saunders in perhaps the 1950s. In addition, the Anatomy Archives include the Henderson Trust archives and catalogues.
CustodianMr Saunders
Custodial HistoryMr Saunders
OriginEdinburgh; Europe; Scotland; United Kingdom
Parent Collection Comparative Anatomy Collection