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Anatomy Microscope Slides, Casts and Models Collection

TitleAnatomy Microscope Slides, Casts and Models Collection
DescriptionMicroscope slides in this collection include a collection on carnivore development belonging to a Dr Mainland, and another of blood and urine slides made in the mid 1950s by a Mr Dingwall. Casts in the collection include examples of deformed limbs, cleft palates, tumours and resin casts of lungs. The largest part of the collection is comprised of models, including models of general anatomy, foetal development, pathologies and skin diseases. Some are modern and others date to the nineteenth century. Makers include Zeigler of Freiburg, Tramond of Paris, Les Fils d'Emile Deyrolle of Paris and the UK based Adam Rouilly (Kent).
CustodianDr Mainland; Mr Dingwall
OriginBaden-W├╝rttemberg; Edinburgh; England; Europe; France; Freiburg; Germany; Kent; Paris; Scotland; United Kingdom
Parent Collection Pathology/Anatomy Collection; Comparative Anatomy Collection;