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Anatomy Human Remains Collection

TitleAnatomy Human Remains Collection
DescriptionCollected from the UK and around the world for the primary purpose of studying racial difference, the Anatomy Human Remains Collection accounts for just over 80% of the Anatomy Anthropology Collection. Of these, almost 90% are represented by skull or skull parts, about 6% by full or partial skeletons (some articulated); 5% by hair samples and the remainder by three cremations. Due to the quality of the archives, there is a significant amount of information available about when, where, who, and how these remains were obtained. Over 90% have associated provenance information to country or, sometimes, continent level, and of these about 50% have information that provides additional detail ranging from place of burial to region or state within a country. Over one hundred remains are of named individuals. The collection contains remains from at least 90 countries.
OriginAfrica; Asia; Edinburgh; Europe; North America; Oceania; Scotland; South America; United Kingdom
Parent Collection Anatomy Anthropology Collection; Comparative Anatomy Collection;