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Anatomy Casts and Models of Modern Humans Collection

TitleAnatomy Casts and Models of Modern Humans Collection
DescriptionThe Anatomy Casts and Models of Modern Humans Collection includes casts of entire skulls, the interior of the cranial cavity (endocranial casts), of brains, and of eye sockets (orbital casts). There are also a small number of models. Some documentation exists on the casts and is connected to Hugh Taylor. There are approximately 220 complete skull casts which, made of plaster with a lead based coating, all derive from the old Edinburgh Phrenological Society. Many, and perhaps all, appear to be casts of the skulls in its collection. Their history relates to the development of phrenology, but their purpose – beyond as duplicates of original skulls – is unclear. It is likely that further information about these casts will be found in the Journals of the Edinburgh Phrenological Society, and catalogues and archives relating to the Henderson Trust. There are a small number of orbital and brain casts in the collection, but no documentation has been located to explain their purpose or research context.
CustodianEdinburgh Phrenological Society
OriginEdinburgh; Europe; Scotland; United Kingdom
Parent Collection Anatomy Anthropology Collection; Comparative Anatomy Collection;