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Pathology/Anatomy Collection

TitlePathology/Anatomy Collection
DescriptionThe Pathology/Anatomy Collection is made up of wet and dried preparations of bone and soft tissue, skeletal remains, histology and microscope slides, and a significant number of anatomical models and casts. The collection covers developmental (foetal) sequences, normal anatomy and pathological conditions in bone and tissue which date from the collections of Monro Primus to the modern day.
CustodianProfessor Alexander Monro Primus; Professor Alexander Monro Secondus; Professor John Goodsir; Monro Tertius; Professor William Turner
OriginEdinburgh; Europe; Scotland; United Kingdom
Parent Collection Comparative Anatomy Collection
Sub CollectionsAnatomy Bone Library; Anatomy Potted Specimen Collection; Anatomy Skeletal Remains Collection; Anatomy Dry Specimen Collection; Anatomy Foetal Material Collection; Anatomy Microscope Slides, Casts and Models Collection;