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Anatomy Anthropology Collection

TitleAnatomy Anthropology Collection
DescriptionThe Anatomy Anthropological Collection comprises three groups of material. First, casts and models, predominantly of the skeletal material of modern humans. Second, casts of fossil hominids; and third, an extensive collection of human remains from around the world. About a fifth of the Anthropology Collection is made up of human remains original housed in the museum of the Edinburgh Phrenology Society. The Anatomy Anthropology Collection contains a large number of casts. These include casts of entire skulls, the interior of the cranial cavity (endocranial casts), of brains, and of eye sockets (orbital casts). There are also a small number of models. There are approximately 220 complete skull casts which, made of plaster with a lead based coating, all derive from the old Edinburgh Phrenology Society. There also are a small number of orbital and brain casts in the collection. The Fossil Hominid Casts consist of about 150 casts of skulls and post-cranial material of fossil hominids, primates and various type fossils for the study of human evolution. The Collection also includes casts of artefacts such as handaxes and flint blades. Human remains from around the world make up about eighty percent of the Anatomy Anthropology Collection, including from excavated sites. The main catalogue of the Anatomy Anthropology Collection (the Skull Catalogue) provides information about what ‘race’ the skulls were considered to belong to.
OriginAfrica; Asia; Australia; Edinburgh; Europe; New Zealand; North America; Oceania; Scotland; South America; United Kingdom
Parent Collection Comparative Anatomy Collection
Sub Collections Anatomy Casts and Models of Modern Humans Collection; Anatomy Fossil Hominid Cast Collection; Anatomy Human Remains Collection;