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Historical Figures in Chemistry Collection

TitleHistorical Figures in Chemistry Collection
DescriptionThis collection consists of a variety of artefacts, documents, pictures and other items associated with significant historical figures within the field of Chemistry, who are also associated with the University of Edinburgh. Included in the collection is a handwritten testimonial for James Kendall by Svante Arrhenius, who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1903. Kendall went to work with him in Stockholm after graduating from Edinburgh in 1910. James Kendall was appointed to the Chair in Chemistry at Edinburgh in 1928. Another notable item is a reprint paper of Mendeleeff's, entitled "La Loi Périodique des Élémentes Chemiques" published July 1879 in Paris. On the top right there is an inscription "à Monsieur Crum Brown {...?} de l'autres {?} M. Mendeleef, 1884 {..?}" [to Mr. Crum Brown..]. Alexander Crum Brown held the Chair of Chemistry at Edinburgh until 1908 and this collection also has books of his lecture notes and other artefacts from his time at the University. The collection also includes an original glass phial of carbon dioxide – one of only three remaining produced by Joseph Black, one of the luminaries of the Scottish Enlightenment. In 1766 Black became Professor of Chemistry at Edinburgh. Photographs, portraits and engravings of Svante Arrhenius, Joseph Black and Alexander Crum Brown, among others, can also be found in the collection as can a bust of James Walker and a statue of Sir James Dewar.
CustodianArnold Beevers; University of Edinburgh.
Custodial HistoryThe Collection was largely brought together by Dr C. Arnold Beevers, Reader Emeritus in Crystallography at the University of Edinburgh from 1938-2001
OriginEdinburgh; Europe; Scotland; United Kingdom; University of Edinburgh
Parent Collection Chemistry Collection