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Institute of Atmospheric Sciences Historic Collections

TitleInstitute of Atmospheric Sciences Historic Collections
DescriptionA collection of over 50 wood specimens, in polished boards or sections, many of which were collected and displayed in the International Forestry Exhibition of 1884, held in Donaldson's Hospital, Edinburgh. Out of this exhibition came the creation of the Forestry Department at the University of Edinburgh. Specimens are from trees throughout Scotland and Britain, as well as across the world. A collection of approximately 2,500 aerial photographs, used for surveys and teaching purposes. Large amounts of UK covered, also areas from across the world. Arranged according to location. A collection of glass slides of timber transportation, moving logs, graphs and photographs of trees. Log books for recording tree information, from the Indian Forest Service. A collection of framed black and white photographs of trees from the 1920s-30s. Barrell graphs of weather reports. A set of three wooden display panels, based on Indian decorative design, originally part of an Indian display at the International Forestry Exhibition, Edinburgh 1884. Other items in the collection include scientific equipment and the Table of Many Woods, a highly decorative table with veneered inlay on the top surface and skirting, consisting of 768 pieces of wood from 60 different types of trees. The table was made by D. F. Mackenzie, Factor to Col. Trotter of Mortonhall, Edinburgh. The table was awarded a gold medal at the Annual Meeting of the Royal Arboricultural Society in the 1880s. It was given to the University in 1958 by Mackenzie's son Donald.
CustodianDonald Mackenzie
OriginEdinburgh; Europe; Scotland; United Kingdom
Parent Collection University of Edinburgh Collections

Image: Sunshine recorder