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Royal Dick Veterinary School Collection

TitleRoyal Dick Veterinary School Collection
DescriptionA large collection of anatomy and pathology veterinary specimens, including samples in parrafin blocks, specimens on microscope slides, and specimens in dry and wet storage. The archive and fine art collections include documents, prints, paintings, artefacts, sculpture, medals and commemorative materials. Educational resources include historic teaching materials and equipment, bone libraries in current use, and medical apparatus.
OriginEdinburgh; Europe; Scotland; United Kingdom
Parent Collection University of Edinburgh Collections
Sub Collections Veterinary pathology museum specimens; Veterinary histopathology archive; Veterinary pathology biopsy collection; Veterinary pathology transparency collection; Veterinary pathology microscope slide collection; Veterinary pathology bone collection; Veterinary teaching diagram collection; Veterinary School anatomy teaching collection; Veterinary School scientific equipment collection; Veterinary School archive;

Image: Wild White Forrest cattle, bull