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Polish School of Medicine Sculpture Collection

TitlePolish School of Medicine Sculpture Collection
DescriptionThis collection consists of a number of sculptures with a connection to the Polish School of Medicine at Edinburgh University. There are a number of striking sculptures which are the work of the last Dean of the Polish School of Medicine, Professor Rostowski, who held the post from 1946-1949. These include a bust of Professor Henryk Urich , a graduate of the School; a statuette of a woman and child, entitled “Maternity”; a group sculpture called “Workers” and a piece entitled “Wernyhora”, who was a legendary 18th century Cossack bard who prophesied the fall of Poland as well as its eventual rebirth. The collection also contains a number of bronze busts, including a copy of a bust of Nicolas Copernicus (1473- 1543) by M Jaroczynski. The original, created in 1873, is held in the Scientific Society, Poznan, Poland. Other busts in the collection include ones of Marie Curie (nee Skłodowska), Dr Karol Marcinkowski (1800-1846) and Professor Antoni Jurasz (1882 – 1961). The Polish School of Medicine was established at Edinburgh University in 1941 and ran until 1949. It was originally intended to meet the needs of students and doctors in the Polish armed forces, but opened its doors to civilians from the outset. Students followed a Polish curriculum, were taught mainly in Polish, and were awarded a Polish degree. Only a few graduates returned to Poland after the war - most remained in Britain. Graduates and their families maintained their link with the University and continue to do so to this day.
CustodianDr Wiktor Tomaszewski, MD PhD FRCP; University of Edinburgh.
Custodial HistoryProfessor Rostowski's works were largely cast in bronze and donated by the graduates of the Polish School of Medicine. Dr Maria Dlugolecka-Graham MBE, the current Polish School of Medicine Coordinator,and her husband, Mr Cecil Graham, donated the bronze "Workers". Rostowski's sculpture 'Old Age' was presented by his nephew A. Vincent (ex Tyszkowski.). The Sculpture 'Karol Marcinkowski ' was presented By Poznan Medical Academy. The other sculptures were given by members of the Polish School of Medicine.
OriginEdinburgh; Europe; Poland; Scotland; United Kingdom
Parent Collection Polish School of Medicine Historical Collection