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Single-Reed Woodwind Instruments in MIMEd

TitleSingle-Reed Woodwind Instruments in MIMEd
DescriptionThis division of the Collection includes clarinets, basset horns and saxophones, and includes over 1000 instruments. Including as it does the most comprehensive collection of clarinets in the world, this division is of international importance. It includes clarinets of virtually all sizes, fingering systems, materials, periods, geographic areas, and important makers. The playing instruments of several eminent clarinettists add an important facet of research significance to the Collection. The saxophones include instruments in the four main sizes from the workshop of the inventor, Adolphe Sax (1814-1894) from the very early period, and for comparison saxophones in the four main sizes from the Sax’s workshop from a slightly later period, showing the early evolution in the design of the instrument. The core of this division of the Collection comes from the Rendall Collection, assembled by Geoffrey Rendall (1890-1952). Many further items have come from the Glen Collection, mostly assembled by Robert Glen (1835-1911). Other items have come from the Brackenbury Collection, assembled by H.I. Brackenbury (1869-1938) and from the Mickleburgh Collection, assembled by E.R. Mickleburgh (1914-1984). The greatest part, however, is constituted by the clarinets collected by Professor Sir Nicholas Shackleton (1937-2006).
CustodianGeoffrey Rendall (1890-1953); Robert Glen (1835-1911); H.I. Brackenbury (1869-1938); E.R. Mickleburgh (1914-1984); Professor Sir Nicholas Shackleton (1937-2006).
Custodial HistorySome items were gifted by the Galpin Society in 1980; items from the Glen Collection were purchased in 1983; items from the Brackenbury Collection were allocated by the Government in 1991; items from the Mickleburgh Collection were purchased in 1981; two 18th-century clarinets were purchased in 1986; some items were donated by Reginald Tritton in 2001. Eight saxophones by Adolphe Sax were purchased in 2004; The Shackleton Collection was received by bequest in 2006. Further items on loan.
OriginEurope; North America
Parent Collection MIMEd

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