Shakespeare, William (1599)

Edinburgh University Library has a fine collection of early editions of Shakespeare and of English drama generally. Three of the quartos are of such outstanding importance that they are classed as "iconic".
The most excellent and lamentable tragedie, of Romeo and Iuliet. London: Printed by Thomas Creede, for Cuthbert Burby, 1599. The greatest love story in English? This is Shakespeare's first great tragedy. When the Scottish poet William Drummond presented his library to Edinburgh University in 1626, Shakespeare had only been dead for ten years and this book was an example of modern literature. Drummond wrote Shakespeare's name on the title-page, just in case anyone was uncertain who the author was. Romeo and Juliet is now perhaps the most famous piece of Elizabethan drama, a genre which is well represented in our collections. This is a very nice copy of the first good quarto (or authentic text) of the play, published during Shakespeare's lifetime.
Shakespeare, William
compilation of quartos including Romeo & Juliet

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