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Interviews conducted by Caroline Milligan and Mark Mulhern

Mark Mulhern and Caroline Milligan conducted a total of 13 recordings with 6 interviewees, carried out between 2015 and 2116.

Interviews of Felicity Gelder aged 65

Biographical interview with Felicity Gelder (aged 65) who has spent much of her life in Kirkcudbright. Felicity grew up in 83 and 81 High Street, properties that were owned by her grandmother. She d...

Interviews of Anne Brownhill aged 78

Interview with Anne Brownhill who was 78 at the time. Anne's husband ran the family drapery business in Stranraer, The Glasgow House and much of the interview is concerned with different aspects of t...

Interviews of Margaret Clark aged 70

Biographical interview with Margaret Clark (aged 70). Margaret talks about her childhood experiences with the Miltonians, a local community group set up by her aunt and uncle (Jardine) which staged c...

Interviews of George McClymont aged 74

Biographical interview with George McClymont (b. 1931) about his early days in Portpatrick. George talks about the family home and domestic arrangements, recalling that the family of nine had running...

Interviews of John Carruth aged 91

Interview with John Carruth (b. 1922) who was 91 at the time the interview was recorded. John recalls the Stranraer of his childhood and gives detailed information about shops and businesses within t...

Interviews of Alastair Reid aged 86

Biographical interview with poet and translator Alastair Reid (b.1926) who speaks about his childhood in Whithorn and his relationship to the community and the region. Alastair describes his childhoo...

Interviews of John Scoular aged 80

Biographical interview with John Scoular (b. 1931) whose father was minister at Glasserton church until he retired from there in 1946. In this interview John talks about his childhood and remembers t...

Interviews of Betty Stuart aged 86

Biographical interview with Betty Stuart (aged 86) who was born in Whithorn and, apart from living in Glasgow for a while after she married, has spent most of her life there. Betty starts by reading ...

Interviews of Robin Kinnear

Biographical interview with Robin Kinnear. Robin's great-grandfather had moved to Port William as a tailor in 1898 and the family business of drapers had continued from there, eventually including fu...