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Interviews of Bill McCaig

In this biographical interview with Bill McCaig (b. early 20th century), he reflects on a lifetime in farming. Bill's father had Challoch farm at a time when most of the work was done by horses and t...

Interviews of Margaret Clark aged 70

Biographical interview with Margaret Clark (aged 70). Margaret talks about her childhood experiences with the Miltonians, a local community group set up by her aunt and uncle (Jardine) which staged c...

Interviews of George McClymont aged 74

Biographical interview with George McClymont (b. 1931) about his early days in Portpatrick. George talks about the family home and domestic arrangements, recalling that the family of nine had running...

Interviews of Hugh Aitken aged 84

Interview with Hugh Aitken (b. 1930) about his family history and life in Stranraer. Hugh talks about his family history. His father owned the family business, a jeweller's on George Street. From h...

Interviews of Barbara Kelly

Biographical interview with Dame Barbara Kelly (aged 70+) who was born in Dalbeattie and has always lived in Dumfries and Galloway. Barbara's parents were teachers and the early part of this intervie...

Interviews of James Wolffe aged 54

Autobiographical interview with James Wolffe who was brought up in Gatehouse of Fleet. James reflects on his childhood and schooling (travelling to school, uniforms, performances) and describes the c...

Interviews conducted by James Birkett and Mike Duguid

James Birkett and Mike Duguid conducted 2 recordings with 2 interviewees, conducted in 2018.

Interviews of Irene Brown aged 84

Interview with Irene Brown which begins with her memories of school in Thornhill and later Debier's secretarial school on Irish Street in Dumfries (students were mostly girls but some boys too). Iren...

Interviews of Moira Jones aged 79

Biographical interview with Moira Jones (aged 79) who was born and brought up in Kirkcudbright where her father was the school janitor. Moira's childhood home was across from the tolbooth and, encour...

Interviews of Heather Millar aged 64

Biographical interview with Heather Miller (b. 1947) who was born and brought up in Kirkcudbright. Much of the interview is about Heather's grandparents' home which was a fisherman's cottage down nea...