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Interviews conducted by Julia Muir Watt

Julia Muir- Watt conducted a total of 36 recordings made with 28 interviewees, carried out between 2012 and 2013.

Interviews conducted by Caroline Milligan and Mark Mulhern

Mark Mulhern and Caroline Milligan conducted a total of 13 recordings with 6 interviewees, carried out between 2015 and 2116.

Interviews of Jock McMaster

Biographical interview with Jock McMaster, a farmer in his late 70s, who has always lived in the Monreith area. His family came to Blairbury farm around 1830, initially as tenant farmers. During thi...

Interviews of Alex Anderson aged 84

Biographical interview with Alex Anderson (aged 84), who was born and raised in Edinburgh. Alex talks about his father and mother and their connections to Dumfries and Galloway before speaking about ...

Interviews of Mhairi Mitchell

Biographical interview with Mhairi (Margaret) Mitchell (b. circa 1930) whose family have had a long association with the Portpatrick lifeboat and Portpatrick Lifeboat Museum. Mhairi's father also bui...

Interviews of John Bryden

Interview with John Bryden who has always lived in the village of Shawhead, near Dumfries. John's father was a joiner and had his own business at Rosebank, on a site previously occupied by Fred David...

Interviews of James Wolffe aged 54

Autobiographical interview with James Wolffe who was brought up in Gatehouse of Fleet. James reflects on his childhood and schooling (travelling to school, uniforms, performances) and describes the c...

Interviews of Bill Milligan aged 85

Biographical interview with Bill Milligan (b. 1932) who was born in Dumfries. He and his wife, Joan, have always lived within a half-mile radius of their home. Bill first talks about his early life....

Interviews conducted by Tania Gardner and Flora McDowall

Tania Gardner and Flora McDowall conducted 1 recording with 1 interviewee, carried out in 2018.