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Interviews of Richard Kinghorn aged 69 and Alex Inman aged 68

Biographical interview with friends, Alex Inman (b.1946) and Richard Kinghorn (b.1945). This interview is largely about childhood, especially home-life and schooldays in Dumfries. The men share memo...

Interviews of Sophie Smith aged 8 and Derry Broadfoot aged 8

Interview with Sophie Smith and Derry Broadfoot (aged approximately 8), who are pupils at St Ninian's school in Dumfries. They talk about their journey to school and the games they play with their f...

Interviews of Maureen McIntyre aged 76

Biographical interview with Maureen McIntyre (aged 76) who was born in Dunreggan and has lived in the Moniave area her whole life. Maureen recalls her early life in a very tiny house where the family...

Interviews of Isabelle Gow aged 59

Biographical interview with Isabelle Gow (b. 1953) about her early life and primary schooldays in Lochmaben. Isabelle lived on a farm so her father dropped her off for school in the morning. In the ...

Interviews of Ian Tweedie

Biographical interview with Ian Tweedie (b c.1939, Townhead, Lochmaben) about his life in Lochmaben. Ian describes his childhood playing around the Mill Loch and recalls the soldiers who were based a...

Interviews of Hal McGhie aged 80

Biographical interview with Hal McGhie (b. 1932) who was born in Lochmaben and has spent most of his life there. Hal begins by speaking about his early life and family history. He was one of 10 chil...

Interviews conducted by Vivian Hastie

Vivian Hastie conducted 1 interview made with 1 interviewee, carried out in 2015.

Interviews of Agnes Macdonald and Helen McNeill

In this interview, twins Agnes Macdonald and Helen McNeill (both 87 years old) talk about their childhood in Bellhaven, where their father was the local policeman. The women talk about being at the l...

Interviews of John Main

In this interview (EL11/3/1/1 the first of three sessions), John Main talks about his childhood and schooldays. He shares memories of his family home where his mother looked after an extended family ...

Interviews of Shirley Swinton and Janet Whinnett

This interview, with friends Shirley Swinton (60) and Jane Whinnett (59), concentrates on their experiences of childhood from early memories through their primary school years. As both women had Febr...