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Interviews conducted by Vivian Hastie

Vivian Hastie conducted 1 interview made with 1 interviewee, carried out in 2015.

Interviews conducted by Pamela Baillie and Susan Howell

Pamela Baillie and Susan Howell conducted 4 recordings with 5 interviewees, carried out in 2018.

Interviews of Jim Wright aged 74

Biographical interview with Jim Wright (aged 74) who was born and brought up on the Lagafater estate where his father was the gamekeeper and his grandfather served as a shepherd. The interview covers...

Interviews of Ronald Jardine aged 76

Biographical interview with Ronald Jardine (b. 1938) who was born in Dumfries, at Moat Brae, and has lived for over 50 years at Cairn of Craigs. The early part of this interview covers Ronald's earli...

Interviews of William (Billy) Bell

In this interview, Billy (William) Bell shares memories of his working life and church life, particularly in the area around Garvald and Morham. Billy was born in Hawick and spent some time working i...

Interviews of Douglas Clark and Hazel Clark

In this interview, husband and wife, Dougie (b. circa 1934) and Hazel Clark, talk about their connections with Garvald and their time farming at Luggate Farm. Hazel begins by sharing some of her memor...

Interviews of Stephanie Leith

This recording is of a talk given by Stephanie Leith, Heritage Officer with East Lothian Council. The talk, for the U3A group, was called ‘Stories in Stone – Exploring Garvald and Graveyard’, a...

Interviews of Fiona Sheldon

In this interview, Fiona Sheldon (b. 1949) talks about her life and connections with East Lothian, particularly Garvald and Morham. Fiona’s father was a lawyer based in Haddington and, after her ma...

Interviews of Dick Short

In this interview, Dick Short (b.1940) speaks about his long connection with the Nunraw community. His family moved to Scotland when he was a child when his father, a stonemason, was employed to work...