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Interviews conducted by Kerry Allan

Kerry Allan conducted 2 interviews made with 1 interviewee, carried out in 2012.

Interviews conducted by Julia Muir Watt

Julia Muir- Watt conducted a total of 36 recordings made with 28 interviewees, carried out between 2012 and 2013.

Interviews conducted by Alyne Jones

Alyne Jones conducted a total of 2 recordings made with 1 interviewee, carried out in 2012.

Interviews conducted by Marion Campbell

Marion Campbell conducted 3 recordings with a total of 1 interviewee. The interview was carried out in 2012.

Interviews of Jock McMaster

Biographical interview with Jock McMaster, a farmer in his late 70s, who has always lived in the Monreith area. His family came to Blairbury farm around 1830, initially as tenant farmers. During thi...

Interviews of Bill McCaig

In this biographical interview with Bill McCaig (b. early 20th century), he reflects on a lifetime in farming. Bill's father had Challoch farm at a time when most of the work was done by horses and t...

Interviews of Barbara Hannay

Barbara Hannay, born 1920, talks about her childhood at Colfin Farm, her schooling, home life and activities during the war. Home life was very busy, especially around harvest time when there was a g...

Interviews of Andy Love aged 78

Andy Love, aged 78, was born at Bridge of Aird Farm by Stranraer. In this interview he talks about the many people who were seen about the farm when he was young. This included people who would arri...

Interviews of Agnes Lamb aged 83

Interview with Agnes Lamb, aged 83. Agnes talks about her early life on a farm on the edge of Stranraer called Larg. Her father trained horses and the family also grew potatoes and Agnes recalled th...

Interviews of John McColm aged 87

Biographical interview with John McColm (b. 1919), a dairy farmer of Garthland Mains. John could trace his family connection to the area back to 1684 when Jean McColm had land at Craigslave. His own...