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Interviews conducted by Caroline Milligan and Mark Mulhern

Mark Mulhern and Caroline Milligan conducted a total of 13 recordings with 6 interviewees, carried out between 2015 and 2116.

Interviews of Felicity Gelder aged 65

Biographical interview with Felicity Gelder (aged 65) who has spent much of her life in Kirkcudbright. Felicity grew up in 83 and 81 High Street, properties that were owned by her grandmother. She d...

Interviews of Alex Anderson aged 84

Biographical interview with Alex Anderson (aged 84), who was born and raised in Edinburgh. Alex talks about his father and mother and their connections to Dumfries and Galloway before speaking about ...

Interviews of Donald Haining

Interview with Donald Haining who has investigated the history behind, and is involved in the upkeep and care of, Atkinson Place, a development of 18 dwellings in Kirkcudbright which was funded by ano...

Interviews of Bill McCaig

In this biographical interview with Bill McCaig (b. early 20th century), he reflects on a lifetime in farming. Bill's father had Challoch farm at a time when most of the work was done by horses and t...

Interviews of Mhairi Mitchell

Biographical interview with Mhairi (Margaret) Mitchell (b. circa 1930) whose family have had a long association with the Portpatrick lifeboat and Portpatrick Lifeboat Museum. Mhairi's father also bui...

Interviews of Margaret Clark aged 70

Biographical interview with Margaret Clark (aged 70). Margaret talks about her childhood experiences with the Miltonians, a local community group set up by her aunt and uncle (Jardine) which staged c...

Interviews of George McClymont aged 74

Biographical interview with George McClymont (b. 1931) about his early days in Portpatrick. George talks about the family home and domestic arrangements, recalling that the family of nine had running...

Interviews of John Carruth aged 91

Interview with John Carruth (b. 1922) who was 91 at the time the interview was recorded. John recalls the Stranraer of his childhood and gives detailed information about shops and businesses within t...

Interviews of Christine Wilson

Interview with Christine Wilson who has been secretary of the Stranraer and District Local History Trust since it was constituted in 1998. Christine explains that the Trust came from an initial idea ...