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Interviews conducted by Margaret Smith

Margaret Smith conducted a total of 42 recordings with a total of 44 interviewees. The interviews were carried out between 2014 and 2017.

Interviews of Carolyn Little aged 59

In this interview about the Crichton Royal Hospital, Carolyn Little recalls her experiences of going to the Crichton over a number of decades. She first went there on her third birthday, to visit her...

Interviews of Tom Dudgeon aged 90

Biographical interview with Tom Dudgeon (b. 1925, Haddington). Tom starts by describing his early working life and being called up in 1943. He served in the Navy as a telegraphist and was part of th...

Interviews of Martin Hale aged 78

Interview with Martin Hale, born 1939 in Wakefield, North Yorkshire about his working life with Uniroyal. After a brief summary of his early life, which involved several moves due to his fathers empl...

Interviews of David Taylor aged 63

Interview with David Taylor, who moved to Dumfries when he was 10-11 years old. From Dumfries High School he applied for an apprenticeship with ICI in 1970. At the initial assessment there were 130 ...

Interviews of Patricia Martin aged 80

Biographical interview with Patricia Martin (b. 1933, Yorkshire) who came to Dumfries as a 15 year old to study nursing at the Royal Infirmary. Pat explains that, after leaving school when she reache...

Interviews of May Fraser aged 83

Biographical interview with May Fraser (b. 1930 at Auchencairn). May firstly talks about her birth and being taken home, to Hestan island, at the age of 3 weeks. May's father was the lighthouse kee...

Interviews of Sheila Wilkinson aged 69

Biographical interview with Sheila Wilkinson (born c.1945) who spent her childhood in Portnockie. Sheila and the interviewer started their nurse training together, on 1 April 1963 and this interview ...

Interviews of Betty Tindal aged 84

Biographical interview with Betty Tindal (aged 84) about her nursing career. Betty was born in Fife, where her father was working as a shepherd. She talks about her early life, recalling home life a...

Interviews of Bill Boone aged 80

Biographical interview with Bill Boone (b. 1937, Glasgow). Bill grew up in Glasgow and completed his apprenticeship in engineering and a BSc at Strathclyde University before moving to Teesside to wor...