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Interviews conducted by Margaret Smith

Margaret Smith conducted a total of 42 recordings with a total of 44 interviewees. The interviews were carried out between 2014 and 2017.

Interviews of Helen Little aged 78

Biographical interview with Helen Little (b. 1935) who was born in Dumfries. This interview focusses on Helen's training and professional life as a nurse. Helen describes her pre-training time at Th...

Interviews of Patricia Martin aged 80

Biographical interview with Patricia Martin (b. 1933, Yorkshire) who came to Dumfries as a 15 year old to study nursing at the Royal Infirmary. Pat explains that, after leaving school when she reache...

Interviews of Ena Forteath aged 78

Interview with Ena Forteath (b. 1935, Annan) about her life in nursing. Ena explains that she had always known she wanted to care for people after she saw wounded soldiers when she was 4 years old. ...

Interviews of Betty McMinn aged 81

Biographical interview (DG38/4/1/1, track 1 of 2) with Betty McMinn (b. 1932, Eastriggs) about her life in nursing. Betty had wanted to go into nursing from school but her father thought she 'wouldn'...

Interviews of Pat Martin aged 80 Betty McMinn aged 81 and Ena Forteath aged 78

Interview with 3 women who trained for nursing in the 1950s: Pat Martin (training 1952-54), Betty McMinn (training 1950-53) and Ena Forteath (training 1953-57). The women begin by talking about their...

Interviews of Helen Gray aged 81

Interview with Helen Gray (aged 81) who was born in East Lothian and who has lived in Dumfries since moving to the area in 1954 to train as a midwife. In this detailed interview Helen talks about var...

Interviews of Katrina Wells aged 68

Biographical interview with Katrina Wells (b. 1946, Govan) about her life in nursing. Katrina moved to Lockerbie when she was 14, to live with her father, and said that she thought she had died and g...

Interviews of Duncan and Shirley Macfarlane aged 93 and 87

Biographical interview (DG38/8/1/1, track 1 of 2) with husband and wife Duncan (b. 1921 in Linwood) and Shirley (b. 1926 in Inverness) who both trained and worked as pharmacists. In this interview,...

Interviews of May Fraser aged 83

Biographical interview with May Fraser (b. 1930 at Auchencairn). May firstly talks about her birth and being taken home, to Hestan island, at the age of 3 weeks. May's father was the lighthouse kee...