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Interviews conducted by Kirsty Robertson

Kirsty Roberston conducted a total of 16 recordings made with 16 interviewees. The interviews were carried out between 2012 and 2013.

Interviews of Helen Stewart Harmer aged 90

This is one of a series of interviews conducted by Kirsty Roberston on the theme of the kitchen. In this interview, Helen Stewart Hammer (aged 90) talks about her family moving into a brand new counc...

Interview of 75 year old born at Palnackie

Biographical interview with a 75 year old who was born at Palnackie in 1938. Her family had a small dairy farm and she could remember standing in the milking shed in clogs aged around 4. She also r...

Interviews of May Sisi aged 88

Short biographical interview with May Sisi, aged 88 and born in Newton Stewart. May speaks about her job as a booking clerk with the railways during World War 2. She could remember the rabbits going...

Interviews of John McColm aged 95

Short biographical interview with John McColm, aged 95. John talks about his early working life, with the army as an invoices clerk (he was diabetic so unable to become an active soldier). He worked...

Interviews of Dorothy McCulloch

Short biographical interview with Dorothy McCulloch. Dorothy's parents had moved to a smallholding in Canada but the family returned to Port Logan after her father died. She talks about how hard her...

Interviews of Mollie Carnan aged 77

Short biographical interview with Mollie Carnan who had lived in the Newton Stewart area all her life. Her father was a forester on the Cumloden estate and the family stayed there in a cottage withou...

Interviews of Jean McMillan aged 66

Short biographical interview with Jean McMillan who was born at Kirkcowan. There was no indoor toilet in her childhood home, the washing was done in the outside washhouse where there was a steamer fo...

Interviews of Jim Wright aged 74

Biographical interview with Jim Wright (aged 74) who was born and brought up on the Lagafater estate where his father was the gamekeeper and his grandfather served as a shepherd. The interview covers...

Interviews of May Marjorie Taylor aged 89

Biographical interview with May Taylor (aged 89) who moved to Newton Stewart, from Airdire, when she joined the Land Army at 18. She said that she fell in love with Newton Stewart as soon as she arri...