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Interviews conducted by Julia Muir Watt

Julia Muir- Watt conducted a total of 36 recordings made with 28 interviewees, carried out between 2012 and 2013.

Interviews of Jock McMaster

Biographical interview with Jock McMaster, a farmer in his late 70s, who has always lived in the Monreith area. His family came to Blairbury farm around 1830, initially as tenant farmers. During thi...

Interviews of Capt.Jack Niblock aged 80

Biographical interview with Jack Niblock (b.1932) about his life-long interest in boats and fishing. Jack begins by speaking about his family history and links to Dumfries & Galloway which included s...

Interviews of Jessie McLean aged 95

Interview with Jessie McLean (b. 1916) who was born in Whithorn where she has lived all her life. Jessie was born into the Jolly family who were a large and well-known family at the top of the town....

Interviews of Tom McCreath

Interview (DG4/3/1/1) 1 of 2 with Tom McCreath who was brought up at Broughton Mains farm and was a farmer all his working life. Tom begins by talking about his family connections to the area prior t...

Interviews of Alastair Reid aged 86

Biographical interview with poet and translator Alastair Reid (b.1926) who speaks about his childhood in Whithorn and his relationship to the community and the region. Alastair describes his childhoo...

Interviews of John Scoular aged 80

Biographical interview with John Scoular (b. 1931) whose father was minister at Glasserton church until he retired from there in 1946. In this interview John talks about his childhood and remembers t...

Interviews of Betty Stuart aged 86

Biographical interview with Betty Stuart (aged 86) who was born in Whithorn and, apart from living in Glasgow for a while after she married, has spent most of her life there. Betty starts by reading ...

Interviews of John Wilson aged 74

Biographical interview with John Wilson (b. 1938) of Wigtown. John starts by giving some information about his family history. His father, who was one of seven brothers, had gone to America before re...

Interviews of Dr Guy (Gavin) Brown

Biographical interview with Guy Brown who was born in Port William. Guy's father had been the local GP and Guy followed him into the profession and took over the surgery in due course. He talks abou...