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Interviews of Margerie Clark aged 58

Track 1 (of 2) of a biographical interview with Margerie Clark (b. 1955). Margerie's mother was from Whithorn and had met her father, a lithotypist from London, when he was based at Kidsdale camp. A...

Interviews of Hugh Ramsay

Biographical interview with Hugh Ramsay whose family took over Millisle Farm near Garlieston in 1931. Primarily a dairy farm, Millisle was involved with cheese-making until 1970. Their milk producti...

Interviews of Betty Murray

Biographical interview with Betty Murray whose parents came to Whithorn in 1934 to run a licensed grocer. Betty describes the shop, providing details of the stock, layout, staffing and suppliers. Sh...

Interviews of Alex Haswell aged 58

Biographical interview with Alex Haswell (b.1954) who was born and grew up in Whithorn. In the early part of this interview Alex talks about his parents, childhood, schooldays and memories of Whithor...

Interviews of Elsie McShane aged 80

Biographical interview with Elsie McShane (aged 80) who was born at the sawmill cottages at Glasserton. Elsie's father became head gardener at Glasserton in the years before World War 2 and the famil...

Interviews conducted by Julia Muir Watt

Julia Muir- Watt conducted a total of 36 recordings made with 28 interviewees, carried out between 2012 and 2013.

Interviews of Margaret (Greta) Hawthorn aged 78

Biographical interview with Margaret (Greta) Hawthorn (aged 78) who was born at Claymoddie Farm, Whithorn. Margaret reflects on her life and recalls her schooldays, working life, Whithorn during Worl...

Interviews of Jenny Jolly aged 86

Interview with Jenny Jolly about her life and work (DG4/2/1/1). Jenny, who has spent most of her life in Whithorn, begins by talking about her parents, her Irish ancestry and her father's illness and...

Interviews of Tom McCreath

Interview (DG4/3/1/1) 1 of 2 with Tom McCreath who was brought up at Broughton Mains farm and was a farmer all his working life. Tom begins by talking about his family connections to the area prior t...

Interviews of Jessie McLean aged 95

Interview with Jessie McLean (b. 1916) who was born in Whithorn where she has lived all her life. Jessie was born into the Jolly family who were a large and well-known family at the top of the town....