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Interviews conducted by the Lochmaben District Community Initiative

Lochmaben and District Community Initiative conducted 22 recordings 25 interviewees, carried out between 2011 and 2016.

Interviews of Jack Wilson

Fieldwork outputs resulting from interview of Jack Wilson. Due to the poor sound quality of this recording it was not possible to assess the content.

Interviews of Isabel Wells and James McWhirter

Biographical interview with Isabel Wells (b. 1946) and James McWhirter who both grew up in Croft Terrace, Lochmaben. The pair talk about their childhood, recalling their homes and surrounding areas. ...

Interviews of Allan Hannah

Due to the poor sound quality of this recording it was not possible to assess the content. The following summary was made by the Lochmaben District Community Initiative. Alan was born in Lochmaben ...

Interviews of George McColl aged 82

Biographical interview with George McColl (b. 1929, Lochmaben) who talks about growing up and living in Lochmaben. He describes his early life and schooling and recalls taking the control exam to dec...

Interviews of Isabelle Gow aged 59

Biographical interview with Isabelle Gow (b. 1953) about her early life and primary schooldays in Lochmaben. Isabelle lived on a farm so her father dropped her off for school in the morning. In the ...

Interviews of Betty Hutt aged 76

Biographical interview with Betty Hutt (b. 1935, Lockerbie) about her life in Lochmaben. Betty moved to the town when she was 5 years old and her schooling was in Lochmaben and then Dumfries. She le...

Interviews of Tom Allan

Biographical interview with Tom Allan, who moved from Borland to Lochmaben when he was 9 years old when his father took up the post of head gardener at the Lochmaben sanatorium. Tom talks about his s...

Interviews of Bill Carrick aged 84

Short interview with Bill Carrick (born c.1927) who spent his early childhood in Lochmaben before moving out to the farm, Kirkmahoe, when he was 12. Bill recalls the town and the past-times he enjoye...

Interviews of Three Women

Interview with three elderly ladies (one mentions she was born in 1933) who recall their childhood and past times in Lochmaben. Subjects covered include: New Year celebrations; folk cures; childhood;...