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Interviews conducted by the Stranraer and District Local History Trust (SDLHT)

The Stranraer and District Local History Trust (SDLHT) conducted 37 recordings with 40 interviewees, carried out between 1999 and 2014.

Interviews of Helen Davies aged 87

Helen Davies was 87 years old when she was interviewed, in January 1999. Helen spoke about her early memories of life on a farm in rural Galloway, schooldays and her first impressions of Stranraer to...

Interviews of John McColm aged 87

Biographical interview with John McColm (b. 1919), a dairy farmer of Garthland Mains. John could trace his family connection to the area back to 1684 when Jean McColm had land at Craigslave. His own...

Interviews of Mrs Muir and Mrs Mckie

Biographical interview with Mrs Muir and Mrs McKie, who were both residents in Thorneycroft, about their recollections of their early schooldays. Mrs McKie was brought up in the Kirkcolm area and rec...

Interviews of Hugh Reid aged 91

Biographical interview with Hugh Reid (aged 91) of Stranraer. In the first part of this interview Hugh shares some of his many stories and anecdotes about ghosts and supernatural occurences in the Str...

Interviews of John Barr

Biographical interview with John Barr a farmer whose father had owned Auchneel Farm since 1920 and which John himself ran until he retired. This interview considers change over time, particularly in ...

Interviews of Margaret and Jean Templeton

Interview with two sisters, Margaret and Jean, who came to Stranraer in 1929 when their father, an optician, chose the area as a base for his business. As well as customers coming to him, Mr Templeto...

Interviews of Willie Darroch aged 89

Biographical interview with Willie Darroch (aged 89), a retired railway engineer. Willie started work in the railways in 1937 and was transferred to Stranraer shortly thereafter. During World War 2 ...

Interviews of Nancy McLucas

Biographical interview with Nancy McLucas about Bishopburn, an estate on the outskirts of Stranraer which housed many local county council employees. Nancy moved there with her husband in 1958 and re...

Interviews of Catherine Monteith

Autobiographical interview with Catherine Monteith whose family had moved, in 1933, to the new council housing at Park Lea Gardens. This interview includes many interesting details about life in Stra...