The University of Edinburgh's rare and unique collections catalogue online.

We are making full collections available as downloadable datasets. These can then be used as the basis of digital scholarship research, for text mining, data carpentry, and beyond. The content is available in zip format for download, and information around API calls to access them that way will be published here in due course.

NB: please login to EASE before attempting your download. You can do this by opening Collections Manager.

Scottish Statistical Accounts

The Scottish Statistical Accounts zip contains all the pages from the OSA (Old Statistical Account) and the NSA (New Statistical Account) to be found at the website

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Digitised PhD Theses Collection

The Digitised PhD Theses zip contains all the theses in the Edinburgh Research Archive, dating back to the 17th century. 60% of these were created by the PhD digitisation project of 2018. More information at the CRC webpages.

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