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Icarus statuette

Place of OriginKalsdorf; Austria
Date2nd century AD
DescriptionThe marble Icarus statue, dating to the early Roman Period (2nd century AD) was found in Kalsdorf, south of Graz in 1996. Icarus wears only a coat, which is tied with ribbons in front of the breast, the wings are attached with a combination of halves and chest harness - a hitherto unpredictable type. The head, the right arm and the lower leg are missing, the surface is weather-beaten. The lower leg as well the rectangular base has been restored.This type of Icarus seems to be a specific type to the Noric-Pannonian provinces. Such statues were placed on funerary monuments and possibly used as funerary objects in the burials of children. The adoption of Greek and Roman mythology in Europe points out the tight bonds and connections within Europe at that time.
TagsStatues, Marble, Icarus
Dimensions600 x 320 x 170
CategoryThe Arts
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