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Chronicle, or Book of Deeds (Llibre dels feits)

CreatorJaume I
Place of OriginPoblet Monastery; Spain
DescriptionThe Llibre dels feits —also known as the Chronicles of Jaume I—is the most iconic piece of the University of Barcelona Library's holdings. It is the oldest surviving copy of Jaume I's book in Catalan. The manuscript contains 201 folios of good-quality parchment with round gothic handwriting, typical of very fine codex. The chronicle recounts the life and the most important deeds of the king (1208-1276) especially the conquests of Majorca and Valencia.
TagsChronicle; King Jaume I; parchment manuscript; Poblet Monastery; Catalan-Aragonese Monarchy
Dimensions280 x 200 x 57
Material/MediumParchment; Manuscript book
CategoryWar & Peace
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Image LicensePDM (public domain)
Image Rights Holder© The University of Barcelona
Photographic CreditsRare Book and Manuscript Library
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