Coimbra Exhibition

The Prodigual Son

CreatorAlbrecht Dürer (Nuremberg, 1471 - Nuremberg 1528)
Place of OriginGermany
DescriptionDürer is the first German artist who had, during his lifetime, an equal reputation to some of the Italian masters. He was the first northern art theorist and also introduced Renaissance art in the northern countries of Europe. Thanks to his travels in France, Italy, and the Netherlands, his work might be considered as a synthesis between Northern realism and fantasy with a quest to return to the models of antiquity and a ‘Golden Age’ of the art of painting.
TagsEngraving, Dürer, Burin, Fonds Suzanne Lenoir
Dimensions24,6 cm x 19 cm
CategoryThe Arts
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Photographic CreditsJean-Pierre Bougnet
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