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Black-figure Amphora

Place of OriginItaly, Etruria, Vulci (?)
DateEnd of 6th - begin 5th century BC
DescriptionThis vase exemplifies cultural and artistic exchanges between two major European areas during Antiquity; Greece and Italy. That Black-figured technique was invented at Corinth and arrived in Athens at the end of the 7th century B.C. and had been widely exported to Etruria in the following century. One of the subjects is the mythological tale of Ajax bringing back the dead body of Achilles. The prototype of that scene is from the famous Greek potter and vase painter, Exékias.
TagsAntiquity; pottery; Etruria
Dimensions39 cm x 27,5 (diam) cm
CategoryThe Arts
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Photographic CreditsJean-Pierre Bougnet
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