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Puerta de la capilla del antiguo ayuntamiento de Granada

CreatorFrancisco Díaz del Rivero, Pedro de Raxis, Alonso de Mena
DateCirca 1630
DescriptionThe door was commissioned in the 1630s for the chapel in Granada’s City Hall. The lower section of the door shows the heraldic symbol of the city of Granada, a pomegranate with a royal crown. St Gregory and St Cecil, former bishops of the city, are depicted next in a pose reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance with their names written above them. Both saints are set within a frame of classical architecture simulating niches over a high plinth. The inner side of the door contains two oil paintings of Saint Paul and St Anthony represented with their attributes in a similar composition to Gregory and Cecil.
Tagsfurniture; door; painting
Dimensions3350 x 1150 x 110
Material/Mediumpainted wooden
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