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Melchior Lechter's Goethe

CreatorJohann Wolfgang von Goethe
Place of OriginBerlin; Germany
DescriptionIn 1943, Cyril Scott, a German-trained musician and composer presented Melchior Lechter's arresting Goethe edition to Bristol, declaring that Stefan George would one day rank with Heine and hoping, against the odds, that Lechter's great hall in Cologne had survived the bombing of the city. He had counted both men as friends. The work is inscribed by Lechter for Scott at Christmas 1901.
TagsBerlin; Germany; Jugendstil; Fine printing
Dimensions204 x 149 x 11
CategoryWar & Peace
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Image Rights Holder© University of Bristol
Photographic CreditsJamie Carstairs
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