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The Books of Kells

CreatorColumban scriptorium
Place of OriginColumban foundation on Iona, off Mull in western Scotland and possibly completed at Kells, Co Meath
Datec. 800AD
DescriptionThe Book of Kells is the most lavishly decorated of the insular Gospel books produced between the 7th and 9th centuries. The manuscript contains the Latin text of the four Gospels, written in insular majuscule script. The decoration includes narrative scenes from the life of Christ, symbols and portraits of the four evangelists, carpet pages and decorated words. There are 340 folios.
TagsBook of Kells; Bible; Gospels; Celtic; Illumination; Manuscripts
Dimensionsc. 330mm x c. 255mm
Material/MediumVellum; ink; pigments
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