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Augsburg Art Cabinet

CreatorPhilipp Hainhofer (former owner)
Place of OriginAugsburg;Germany
DescriptionThe Art Cabinet is the only one of Hainhofer’s cabinets, manufactured in Augsburg during the first half of the 17th century, with its collection of objects still intact. Up to a thousand objects have been preserved. This provides a unique opportunity to journey into the early 17th century world of pictures and objects. The Cabinet can be seen as a symbol of culture and education, interests and search for knowledge. The Cabinet and its contents are at the same time an expression of princely fashion - in Art Cabinets and Art Chambers, royalty and aristocracy collected art and objects of different types which were a manifestation of their culture, education and wealth.
TagsCabinets of curiosities, Ausburg, Philipp Hainhofer
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