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Representation of the city of Thānān in India

CreatorAmbrogio Lorenzetti (Siena, documented between 1319 and 1348)
Place of OriginSiena, Italy
DateBetween 1336 and 1340
DescriptionFragment of a fresco cycle attributed to Ambrogio Lorenzetti, the only surviving part of the paintings that decorated the cloister of a Franciscan Monastery in Siena. According to recent studies, it should represent the city of Thānāh (present-day Mumbai, India), where four Franciscans were martyred. The fragment was discovered during restoration of the cloister, and is now located in the Rectorate of Siena’s University.
TagsSienese art, 14th century
Dimensions1680 x 3600 x 50
Material/Mediumfresco painting
CategoryThe Arts
Image LicenseCC BY-NC-ND 3.0
Image Rights Holder© University of Siena
Photographic CreditsUniversity of Siena – SIMUS
Metadata RightsCC BY-NC-ND 3.0