Coimbra Exhibition

Obstetrical models

CreatorSienese craftsman on drawings by Jacopo Bartolommei, professor of obstetrics in Siena University
Place of OriginSiena, Italy
Datec. 1760
DescriptionSurviving items of the original collection of 44 obstetrician models that Jacopo Bartolomei prepared, following the example of Giovan Antonio Galli in Bologna University. The models were used in teaching both for midwives and physicians, the only people permitted to use forceps.
TagsObstetrics; History of medecine; Teaching materials
Dimensions50-110 x 100-205 x 150-270
Material/Mediumpainted terracotta
Image LicenseCC BY-NC-ND 3.0
Image Rights Holder© University of Siena
Photographic CreditsCentro servizi CUTVAP - Università di Siena
Metadata RightsCC BY-NC-ND 3.0