Coimbra Exhibition

Twin pregnancy, nine months foetus in transverse lie

CreatorGiovan Battista Sandi
Place of OriginBologna, Italy
Date18th century
DescriptionGiovanni Antonio Galli (1708-1782), Professor of Surgery at the University of Bologna, set up at his home a School of Obstetrics using clay models as a didactic support. These clay models of the uterus were realised by Giovan Battista Sandi. Later, Benedict XIV established the Course of Obstetrics at the Institute of Sciences entrusting it to Galli, who opened the lessons to a new audience: midwives. In 1872 the model was restored and repainted in natural colours by the modeller Cesare Bettini.
TagsGiovan Antonio Galli; Giovan Battista Sandi; uterus; terracotta; obstetrics; Cesare Bettini;
Dimensions40 cm x 28 cm x 17cm
Material/Mediumpolychrome terracotta
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