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Plenilunium, representations of celestial phenomena

CreatorMaria Clara Eimmart (Nuremberg 1676-1707)
Place of OriginBologna, Italy
Datelate 17th century.
DescriptionGeorg Christoph Eimmart (1638-1705) was a German painter, sculptor, astronomy enthusiast and committed follower of Copernicus. His daughter Maria Clara cultivated, under his guidance, drawing, painting, sculpture and engraving, and helped him with astronomical observations. Between 1693 and 1698 she made drawings on blue paper of around 350 lunar phases observed with the telescope. Eimmart gave to the Bolognaise count Luigi Ferdinando Marsili 12 pastels, 10 of which are exhibited in the Specola Museum.
TagsGeorg Christoph Eimmart; Plenilunium; moon;Specola; Luigi Ferdinando Marsili; Astronomy; Marie Clare Eimmart;
Dimensions64 cm x 52 cm
Material/MediumBlue cardboard with black poplar frames
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Photographic CreditsFabrizio Bonoli
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